Neutral Impact vs Positive Impact

Corporate social responsibility, like any philosophy or practice, has evolved and changed throughout the years. Originally used to define companies finding ways to give back to their communities, it has come to mean “no longer hurt the environment,” or hurt it less at least. Yes, it is a responsible thing for a business to practice … Read more

RESPOND ability

Have you had that feeling where you are super jazzed about the next 24 hours only to find you did it wrong? I had the chance to talk to a University “Intro to Nonprofits” class about the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. I put together my slide deck complete with examples, statistics, and personal experiences. … Read more

Finding What You’re Looking For

I find it a little ironic that as I committed myself more to CSR, I found Incitement and was able to sign on with them as an Ambassador in the United States. Not only is the a group made up of inspirational social innovators, but I have had the opportunity to pick their brains and … Read more